10 Year Anniversary

True Cut Construction is celebrating 10 years of service!

We value our relationships we have developed over the years with our customers and are excited to provide continued quality service and responsiveness for them and potential new customers.

Our Services

In ten years, True Cut has continued to develop and build our construction services and relationships with our customers. We take pride in the services offered from the beginning stages of projects, to finishing details.

True Cut Construction

Our mission is to provide the highest-level quality construction services. We strive to maintain our services with integrity, honesty and a high level of professionalism. Every day is about being better than the day before. We learn each and every day from mistakes made and possibilities achieved. We value the relationships we have formed with our general contractors, suppliers, associates and our employees. From day one we have placed quality of service as one of our goals to continue to achieve and maintain relationships with our customers. Completing a job is more than a profit, it is our duty to invest in our customers and strive to meet and even exceed their expectations. We take pride in our relationships with our customers and at the end of the day we want to see a high level of customer satisfaction.

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